Monday, November 19, 2007

R-Echos update - 20/11/07 05:18am

The last update includes a categories listing and a tag cloud - nothing very special, that is all included by default in the code.
It comes in reaction of the statistics analysis which shown that the most accessed page were the yearly archives. Since this browsing didn't seems to be relevent enough, I decided to move it down.

It is now safe to turn off you computer...

Always remember:
To turn it off, you first have to click on the button: Start

I like that kind of situation where language and design principles conflicts to such an extent. It would be nice to have a collection of barbarious wording, inept interface, simple errors, everyday mis-communication.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

the New R-Echos Process

I just thought it would be nice to expand the process; now it won't only be just about linking to my best read of the day. I would like from now and as often as possible to start a discussion, to relink to different elements, to broaden or narrow the topic(s), and also linking bits of thoughts of my various electronic presences.

Friday, November 16, 2007

self curration, RSS, meta informations

on, I like the self curation of this bit:

See the more interesting bits from my daily RSS feed here.

which leads you to the google shared items of the author (as far as i can figure out) defined as the most ineteresting items.

    ... i am wondering of the term that would best define that practice
  • self curation

  • self topic

  • self select

I discovered this website trough the comments of this post, which i am quoting here:
I would love too see Google develop some different RSS feeds of Google news containing different kinds of info, maybe even extend the feed to have extra XML fields with news-specific data in it?

This denotes a certain interrest of RSS which couldn't let me unsensitive...

a screen saver which is a tv show

1. code a screensaver - a slow one, it should have the same relaxful effects as the Image Folder one form Apple but it would have some more parameters like how fast the transition, how big is the zoom, the duration for a picture
2. plug the information flow of on it - but just grab the picture; maybe it would be nice to have a RSS just for the images, if a post has no image then it shouldn't appear in this feed.
3. buy a HUGE flat monitor with a mac mini or anything that can be kept away from sight behind
4. place the monitor in the room, not on the desk, not in your back - just in your peripheral vision for you to get inspirations wirthout consciously receiving it

there could be reference in the corner of the image so that you can find your way back once on; you could find the image back and the context of the image, and then from here digg the informations to a new projects.

(not so) new faces changed its typefaces this morning
and http://www.r-echos is still alive so far…