Friday, November 16, 2007

a screen saver which is a tv show

1. code a screensaver - a slow one, it should have the same relaxful effects as the Image Folder one form Apple but it would have some more parameters like how fast the transition, how big is the zoom, the duration for a picture
2. plug the information flow of on it - but just grab the picture; maybe it would be nice to have a RSS just for the images, if a post has no image then it shouldn't appear in this feed.
3. buy a HUGE flat monitor with a mac mini or anything that can be kept away from sight behind
4. place the monitor in the room, not on the desk, not in your back - just in your peripheral vision for you to get inspirations wirthout consciously receiving it

there could be reference in the corner of the image so that you can find your way back once on; you could find the image back and the context of the image, and then from here digg the informations to a new projects.

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